Wednesday, 25 February 2009

On Life...again and other stuff

My Pal's lad is doing ok thankfully. He's up and about albeit with a leg dragging a bit and speech slurred. The fact is, he's making progress and that's what matters. :)
I've started twittering. Ok I know I twitter on about stuff anyway but is a great way to make contact and stay in conrtact with others without the hassle of making long blog posts or sending emails. You can join me at twitter here.
Today is Wednesday which means there is a free healing session over at my Reiki forum, you can get there directly by clicking here. It starts at 8pm UK time and all you need to do is become a member and post your details in the thread.

Be Well and Prosper,

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Trouble Staying Motivated?

Right now I'm in Healing mode, mainly due to Adam of course (see previous post) but also because I'm building up my free reiki site once more after a prolonged absence but back online again. I purchased the Private Label Rights to this ebook so I could break it down and post online and of don't need to buy it now ;)
Want to read the ebook? Just Click here and you'll go there directly!

Be Well and Prosper,


Saturday, 21 February 2009

On Life

Every now and again....something happens to change your perspective on life stuffff.
Last night my best pal's son, aged 30, had such a bad stroke that no operation is possible, is in intensive care and all the family can do is sit and wait. He doesn't smoke and lives a clean life. Recently, he found a new partner who was already pregnant. He fell in love and made the decision to bring up the unborn child as his own. Baby is healthy and a couple of months old but Dad is in hospital.
Makes you wonder why stuff happens huh? I'm not religious but consider myself to be a spirtual being and I also practice reiki as a Master/Teacher. I'm often asked questions about life related matters. When it comes to ordinary day to day stuff, that's not a great problem but things like this leave you stunned and without words.
If you are reading this just now I would like to say this.
You are conscious, breathing and probably at home. You have enough wealth to have a PC and be online. You are healthy enough to be reading this even if you have a disablity. You may be cold because you can't afford the heating bills but you DO have shelter. You may be hungry also but you made the choice to pay the broadband bill instead of eating. You had and made the choice.
From today onwards I urge you, appreciate the little things you do each day without even realising you do or have them. Then when something bigger comes along you will really appreciate it for what it is. Be happy!!

Be Well and Prosper,

Saturday, 7 February 2009

A Saturday Ramble

Currently got the West Indies vs England cricket Test match on the radio. Not sure if England are pathetic (Yeah I'm a Scot lol but I do like to follow England at cricket ;) ) or the Windies have simply found a real match winner in Taylor. The score at the moment is England 28-7 and on course for their lowest ever test score. They need to score 45 to avoid that.
Anyway....I was at Burns Night last night, only my second ever, and I had a ball! Great recitals from all involved and a thoroughly enjoyable experience. One of the speakers recited this it's not Burns, it's Matt McGinn but is fantastically funny and called The Big Effen Bee. Enjoy!!!