Tuesday, 28 July 2009

DezinaWorld, new site and blog!!

OK....I know I have an input into this as it's me that's doing the main webpage at Dezinaworld but.........you doo need to believe me that June MacFarlane's work is superb and I am soo excited about getting it all tied up in the next few weeks!
I'll tell you what I'm taking about.

Dezinaworld is a brand new site that will offer digital backgrounds, collage singles and sets and some fantastic digi stamps all made by June MacFarlane herself!
June has decided to pre-empt me somewhat lol and has set a Dezinaworld blog to test the market as it were. Way to go June! Very impressed!!! :)
You can view Dezinaworld here.
You DO need to go take a look though! I've been around the net for a long long time and the digital crafting images she produces are top quality and the name June MacFarlane will not be far from everyone's lips in the very near future!!

Click Here Now To Visit Dezinaworld!!

Be Well and Prosper,

Monday, 27 July 2009

Sometimes I just jump in.....

Yeah, sometimes I just jump right in without thinking......
Normally though I take a lot of time before I make a purchase online and I did have some to think about this one so today when the email alert arrived, yeah I just went and bought it lol.
The item in question is a serious of video training by a guy I have bought from before so because I trust hom, I got it at the.......hate these terms.......early bird or fast mover discount. When it's finally released I'll do a review here and post a link. Could well be worth the wait because I genuinely am quite excited about this one!!
The rest of today? Twittered a wee bit but not much, will do more later.
I was supposed to be out of the office in the afternoon but got cancelled unfortunately, ah well gave me time to do other stuff ;)

Be Well and Prosper,

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Twitter and stuff

Soooo, it's been a few days since I've been here, planned on posting yesterday but my net connection was less than iffy lol.
Was thinking the other day (I know that's not a good idea ;) ) but........ water is stored underground for millions of years..and then...we put it in bottles and slap a use by date on it? Go figure......... ;)
I lost over 100 followers at Twitter last Thursday, apparently now and again Twitter do some spring cleaning and clear out spammer accounts and bogus accounts, would be nice they actually told us this upfront?
3 times in the last half hour I've boiled the kettle, well the water in it actually, and forgotten to pour it in the cup, dementia is setting in quicker than I thought .......
And now, gonna go get that coffee before I forget again!

Be Well and Prosper,

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Crafting Forum!!

A heads up for any crafters passing by!
There is a fabulously friendly bunch of gals over at the Creations by JJ Forum here!
Even thought I don't craft myself, I can still marvel at the creativity shown and the beuaty of the creations.
Sooo if you craft get over to the Creations By JJ Forum!!

Be Well and Prosper,

Thursday, 16 July 2009

We Choose The Moon

We Choose The Moon is a fabulous new website tracking Apollo 11 on it's way to the moon in real time using archive footage and simulations!
I had just turned 11 when Neil Armstrong first walked on the moon and if I was hooked on all things Space before... I was then absolutely addicted to it!
And yeah....I watch all the Shuttle launches online as well ;) you can watch a re-run of last nights STS-127 launch here along with live footage of the shuttle on it's way to the space station Space VidCast, a fantastic site for the space buff!!
Oooohhhh love this stuff, beam me up Scotty!!

Be Well and Prosper,

Monday, 13 July 2009

The Death Of Torchwood?

I have spent the weekend pondering the future (or not) of Torchwood on BBC.
The latest offering from Torchwood, Children of Earth, was dark, really dark, but I won't be revealing any key details just in case you haven't seen it yet ;)
This was five rip roaring episodes aired on consecutive nights and for Sci-Fi fans it was a veritable viewing feast. With more twists than Rapunzle's pony tail it never let up before finally hitting viewers with some cold hard facts about captain Jack. Amazing stuff!!
The question does arise though, have we seen the death of Torchwood?
Even before the series aired, actors like John Barrowman had been quoted as saying it was like a "kick in the teeth" to be promoted from BBC3 to BBC2 to BBC1 only to have the number of episodes reduced from the norm of 13 to just five.
I have to agree and there is certainly something afoot behind the scenes.
The moralities of the Torchwood team must surely now be questioned just as the future of the series must be also.
But, and it's a big BUT, the new latest series will have no doubt, spawned a great many new fans who may never actually get to see any further episodes?
Has the Beeb finally shot itself in the foot?
Will Torchwood return?
I do not know. What I do know is this, I hope it does return and I wait with much anticipation to see which direction the Torchwood team takes in the future!

Be Well and Prosper,

Friday, 3 July 2009

Samsung Tocco Lite?

Last week I got a Samsung Tocco Lite and think I may well be in love lol!!
Now ok, it's not exactly an iPhone but hey, it's got a fabulous touch screen, plenty of apps, fast internet browser and so on. It's actually better than the full blown version after comparison with a colleagues contract phone so if you're in the market for a new phone and can't afford an iPhone then the Tocco Lite is the one for you. (In my humble opinion of course! ;)