Sunday, 30 November 2008

Jags Win In Cup

Soooo the 3rd round of the Scottish Cup away to Stirling Albion proved to be a bit nervy come the end for the Jags. Having lead 2-0 and 3-1 the jags somehow managed to contrive to lose a late goal and set up a nervy last few minutes. Thankfully they saw them out and progress to the 4th round draw to take place Monday.
Elsewhere, Darlington had no game and Wigan Athletic scored a later winner against bottom of the table West Brom to rise to 11th in the Premiership after todays results were in. The draw for the FA Cup also took place today with the Latics getting a difficult draw against Spurs. Hmmm, tough one that!

According to the president of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso, the UK is closer to adopting the Euro as it's currency. I'm all for that. I know brits all over the place are set on keeping the pound but the benefits outweigh the loss. Tourism increases because there is no longer a need for Euro-tourists to pay for currency conversion. I don't need to pay for it either. I like going to other countries but having to convert and re-convert currency is a real pain and the value varies so much these days I can and have lost out big time. Time for a change at can't come soon enough if you ask me!

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Thursday, 27 November 2008

Life should mean Life..WOT

Tuesday night the Jags got dumped 1-0 by Ross County, what is going on with the performances away from home I do not know. :( This Saturday sees a visit to Stirling Albion in the 3rd round of the Scottish Cup. Recent form suggest this is gonna be tough :(

I find this ridiculous;
A man who fathered nine children by raping his two daughters over many years has been jailed for life with a minimum term of 19-and-a half years.
19 1/2 years? That's life? That means I've lived 2 1/2 lives already? The pain and sorrow and damage that man has inflicted upon so many lives means he should remain in prison until he dies, a Life sentence should mean just that...Life. The sentence sucks as does out judicial and sentencing system.

I find this free tool fantastically useful;
It's here and free. Called WOT or Web if Trust, it installs in seconds, is unobtrusive and allows you to rate pages along with all other users and get warnings if they have rated it dangerous. Exceedingly useful!

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Monday, 24 November 2008

Speech to text.....

Astoundingly boring... not much else I can say about the pre-budget speech. Why do they call it a Pre-Budget Speech when changes are made to the budget? To me a Pre- anything is preparatory and not an action in itself. If the speech was made yesterday to prepare us for todays announcements then I could understand that?
Anyway, pretty nondescript as far as I'm concerned and really, life does kind of just go on as normal, skint! ;)
Wigan played badly but still managed to beat Everton 1-0 at home at the JJB. 3 points and out of the relegation zone, yaaay!
Been on the lookout for Speech to Text software for free and there is not a lot out there. I found out how to get it running in Word 2007 but it's not exactly mind-blowing, even after spending an hour "training" it by reading several texts out loud. If anyone knows of any that are any good, I'd be obliged if you could point me in the write direction ;)
Police in England and Wales are to be trained to us and carry Taser guns (they immobilise criminals using a brief 50,000 volt charge). Way to go guys, test em out before they're introduced in Scotland lol makes a change us not being used to test stuff like that. Although.....there are a couple of areas up here I can think of where the officers of the law would get a lot of practice? ;) ;)

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Sunday, 23 November 2008

Pats go 7-4, Pre-Budget Report?

Cassel is really coming into form in the absence of Brady and tonight threw 415 yards for 4 TDs in the Patriots 48-28 win over Miami. Excellent display!
Nothing to do with the above......
The UK Pre-Budget Report is due tomorrow. Expected are a cut in VAT charges to 15% from 17.5% and an increase in upper band tax (over £150,000 pa) to 45%. Now, I can see how a VAT reduction would work to boost spending on consumables (it's only a temporary measure) but increasing the tax on top earners with the most disposable income puzzles me. Granted, it's from next year but I do feel a big HMMMMM.... coming on with that one. We'll see in the fullness of time...
The world's oldest polar bear, Debby, has died at the age of 42. Why do I mention that? The bear was "captured" as a cub and spent virtually the whole of it's 42 years in captivity. A human would need to commit multiple murders to get that sentence. Not exactly what I call a quality life for an animal that deserves to live in the environment it was born for, the wild. :(
I can feel this developing into an anti-zoo rant so I'll sign off and cool off. ;)

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Saturday, 22 November 2008


So why, I hear you ask, call the blog Pedantology?
Well, I thought I made the word up myself but googled it earlier and it seems I'm not the first by a long chalk. No surprise there lol. It appears there is even a Church of Pedantology..go figure that one ;)
As I'm often overly argumentative about the finer details of "stuff" in general and overly critical of the actions of the "Establishment", I thought it would be a humourous play on words to represent the Psychology of a Pedant. Yeah go figure that one too :)

OK I'm off, waaay too much time on the pc today.

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Jags Go 3rd

Good result today, the Jags beat cash strapped Livingston 2-1 at home and move up to 3rd place in the division. Match report here. A win on Tuesday away at Ross County will move them up into 2nd and consolidate the push for promotion.
Elsewhere, Darlington were knocked off top place after a hard fought draw away at Brentford and my other team, Wigan Athletic play on Monday night when they host Everton.
In the NFL, Patriots go head to head with the Dolphins tomorrow night, too close to call that one :(

Yeah I like my sport lol.

Be Well and Prosper,


Strictly Rubbish

Wednesday was bored and channel hopping. At the bottom of the BBC News 24 screen is a scrolling ticker with BREAKING NEWS. Caught my eye that did. Was it a Tsunami? Terrorist Attack? Earthquake? No no no, it was the shocking news that..... John Sergeant had pulled out of Strictly Come Dancing.
Get real. It's not exactly earth shattering. These Non-Reality shows are taken far too seriously and should be watched (why does anyone want to?) and treated as fun, nothing more.
On a much more serious note there's only 45 minutes to go until kick off............. ;) Come on the Jags!!

Be Well and Prosper,

Out of the box

The blog in a box is out of the box. Seems like a good idea just now to have somewhere to have a gab and a rant and whatever.
If anyone would like to enlighten me as to why some folk get blogspot blogs and some blogger, I'd be obliged. :) Especially as I clicked on blogspot lol. Edited to include...Ok figured that one myself lol!
I used to think it was just us Scots who hated to see fellow Scots succeed and did their darnedest to see them brought down a few pegs. Seems it's spread to the whole of the UK in the wake of the Russell Brand/Jonathan Ross fiasco. I call it a fiasco not because I like these guys, I actually have difficulty, great difficulty, liking them. But, and it's a big but, what the heck is going on? Ok, I accept that what they did was extremely tasteless and they should def be disciplined....but (again) like Andrew Sachs didn't know it was crank call????? Come on and get real! Yet another UK Press witch hunt to endure and the blame culture in this country gathers yet more momentum like a runaway juggernaut mowing down all before it.
Oh, the above sounded like the UK hated Scots being famous, I meant it's really the Brits hate Brits being successful now ;)

Live Long And Prosper!