Sunday, 31 May 2009

Star Trek Movie and stuff

Sooo I went to see Star Trek friday night with my eldest lad. Blown away as a thoroughly amazing movie!! Loved the effects, the answers to questions I'd asked before over the years and also......... the casting was fabulous and the humour of the original series was in there as well.
Been a great weekend here in sunny Glasgow weatherwise. Makes you feel so much better does some sun!
Haven't tweeted much over the weekend, did some saturday night but that's about all, not really been in the mood for sitting refreshing the page and retweeting and answering direct enquiries, it's too time consuming lol.
CYA sometime.

Be Well and Prosper,

Saturday, 23 May 2009

A good night had by all

I had a good night last night.
An evening with my daughter and her partner, a few drinks and a meal aftwerwards. You can't ask for more than good company and good surroundings!
Looking forward to seeing the new Star Trek movie at the Imax later in the month with my eldest son too.
The plan off today is to get to work on a website for a pal, do some work on a couple of my own sites and of course do #Followfriday at Twitter, a day late but hey better late then never lol!

Be Well and Prosper,

Sunday, 17 May 2009

1000+ Followers on Twitter

Last Night I hit 1000 followers on Twitter.
It's taken a couple of months and there are those on twitter who would throw their arms in the air and ask why the slow progress. The reason is, I Don't Use automated software, I Don't Go Randomly following others in order to see the follower count go up. I also stopped using the futile links I posted a couple of weeks back, all I got from them was the follow/unfollow gang lol, yeah I learned my lesson ;)
I have no use for a list of followers who don't read my tweets, that's utterly pointless.

So, how do you grow your followers without doing all the above?

First, you need to complete your profile, most tweeters (myself included) don't follow anyone who has not completed their profile.

Tweet often to keep your profile page showing you are active. Again, no recent activity means I don't follow back.

Limit your marketing tweets to 1 or 2 per day maximum. Currently, I only do a marketing tweet about twice per week.

ReTweet often. People like it when their tweets are forwarded on and will do the same for you. It's about building relationships dontcha know! A little bit of familiarity and trust goes a long way.

Vary your tweets. Don't just tweet about your one and only fav subject, tweet about loads of em. So far today I've tweeted about football, politics, charity links, funnies etc.

Engage with others by replying to their tweets or RT (ReTweet) with something like <=I like this!! tagged onto the end. When someone retweets your tweet, reply to them and say thanks.

Get yourself a custom background and add some additional static info showing why you give value. Check out mine here. See the white panel on the left? I tell folks I'll RT their "good cause or charity" tweets and I do it too. I know this way I will get likeminded folks following me.

More Twitter Tips to follow when I think of them lol.

Be Well and Prosper,

Friday, 15 May 2009

Quick Ramble

It's been a while and boy has it been a busy while lmao!!!
Too many projects at the one time left me absolutely knackered and i really need to prioritise more effectively. Not easy for one who loves to jump from one thing to another............. :(
Tonight I have #followfriday at twitter to do, an index for my best buds new domain, a bunch of pics to resize and upload for another pal and the list goes on.
Ah well lol, it's Friday so a late night isn't a problem and I secretly like nights like this but shooossshhh don't tell anyone ;)
That's it for now, need to get on ;)
Be Well and Prosper,