Sunday, 13 June 2010

Samsung Wave s8500

I've now had my Samsung Wave S8500 for 48 hours and have to say I'm delighted with it.
It looks sleek and feels even better in the hand. The AMOLED screen makes colours more bright and vibrant and is so sensitive to the touch it makes using it a delight.
One thing that drove me nuts was the daftest T9 predictive text ever. How to switch off the T9 predictive text in the Samsung Wave? Wel, that took a lot of getting did that lol. It's easy in the end. You just tap to enter tet in a message and then a long hold on EN sees it gone forever.
Synching with the PC is not easy either. This ca only be done when the phone is in Idle mode. It took me ages to figure out how to do that too, but again, it's fairly simple when you know how. You got to Settings>>Applications>>Samsung Apps>>click the update function OFF and you're done. Once you're finished you need to go add your apps once again. A bit fiddly and surely Samsung could have come up with a better way?
That said, internet browsing is quick and easy. The messages section is very much like the iPhone and can be viewed in conversation mode for ease of conversation with your mates. I'm a heavy Twitter user so the Twitter App is particularly useful and reading my gmail account is great due to the large screen size.
I can't give the Samsung Wave S8500 10/10 due to the fiddly stuff above and the lack of available apps, but...I give it a 9.5/10!!
A truly excellent phone and very glad I stayed with my favourite phone company, Samsung.

Be Well and prosper,