Friday, 26 December 2008

The Pope and Gender Theory in Christmas Speech

Across the globe, individuals, rights groups, activists and yes, even politicians have to be careful about every syllable uttered for fear of offence and possibly imprisonment and yet....Religious Leaders appear to be permitted to say exactly what they wish and suffer no legal comeback.
The latest being Pope Benedict in his Christmas Speech about gender theory. Now, I am not gay but I do have several gay friends who have great spiritual intelligence and integrity, their sexuality does not alter their levels of spirituality one little bit.
So what gives Pope Benedict or any other religious leader for that matter, the right to say that humans have the "right to be saved" from issues such as transexuality, homosexuality and gender blurring? Why are the aforesaid not taken to task on a legal basis for inflaming bias against minority groups the same as the rest of us?
IMHO it is well past the time that they were indeed taken to task. If a Muslim were to say that the world should be saved from Christianity he would be jailed for terrorism or related charges.
For me the time has come for the Governments of this world to realise that religion is not above the law that governs us and take action to stop comments as detailed before from being aired.
The religions themselves have also got to look at the Big Picture and realise the impact their comments are having on the ordinary person and do a bit of self-governance and, I hate to say this, exercise some political correctness.
Rant over, hope you get the gist ;)

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