Saturday, 22 August 2009

Caster Semenya

Caster Semenya won the World 800m in Berlin.
Before the final however, what did the authorities do? They openly questioned her sexuality in front of the entire world. The lass is only 18 years of age, can you even begin to imagine what she was going through as she ran the biggest race of her life? Knowing that everyone was watching her purely and simply to join in the Guess The Sexuality game and not to watch her triumph???
Then as she stood on the top podium to receive her Gold Medal she was acutely aware that everyone across the globe was peering at the closeups and not cheering her (her fans were of course).
I hope she sues the authorities for psychological damages and sues for several millions in a US court where damages are assessed at a higher level than anywhere else on the planet.
The auhtorities are in need of a big jolt for the way they have conducted themselves regards this matter.
They have shown scant regard for one of their own and caused untold damage to the psyche of a highly talented athlete.
Sack em all now I say!!!!!!!!!!!

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