Friday, 23 July 2010


Inception the movie. No spoilers here.
I saw Inception last night at cineworld and was blown away. It stars Leonardo Di Caprio (who is not my favourite actor)and barrels along at a good pace, keeping the viewers interest throughout.
The idea is that it is possibe to enter someone's dreams and steal their secrets from the depths of their minds whilst they are sleeping, and so they are unaware of the "theft".
Unfortunately the best effects are shown in the trailers, which is somewhat disappointing. However, I'm not sure the movie suffered from that as there are far too many mind-boggling concepts to be pondering as the viewer tries to keep up the general plot and it's multi-dimensional mind-bashing.
Thoroughly enjoyable viewing, especially if you liked the movie "Matrix" but without the special effects of th aforementioned.
Inception is basically the "Matrix with Balls".
Go see it in the cinema now. Don't try to watch online, you're wastng your time, Inception just does not transfer onto your PC screen well.

Live long and prosper, Al

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