Tuesday, 23 June 2009

The Gurus Piss Me Off

I dabble in Internet Marketing and am in the process of branding myself like a lot of others........
Now you'll have noticed something here, I don't market thru this blog, I do it elsewhere, this is for fun.
But the so-called Gurus out there really piss me off. They all seem to follow each others trends.
For instance, when one sends out an "Ooops my bad Al, correct link enclosed!" email, the rest seem to follow suit like it's a good idea.
They all sell the same "next big thing" at the same time so you can predict what all the mails are about from reading the email header.
I'm not that daft to go buy something at $997 or more that's going to disappear in just a couple of months but sadly there are loads of others who do go flinging their money at self proclaimed millionaires in the hope they will at last extract the "secret".
That, friend, is never going to happen.
If you knew a "secret" that was making you mega bucks, would You sell it to the masses?
Of course you wouldn't! You might sell a snippet of one of the components but there is no way you are going to reveal it to anyone at any price.
You think Coke would sell their secret recipe? Naaaah!
So keep your money in your paypal accts and pick and choose the best value products. There are loads out there for under $20 that will tell you all you need to know if you take the time to read them all. After that, it's trial and error, you find the ways that work for you, develop your own formula and you are on your way :)

Be Well and Prosper,

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