Saturday, 22 November 2008

Out of the box

The blog in a box is out of the box. Seems like a good idea just now to have somewhere to have a gab and a rant and whatever.
If anyone would like to enlighten me as to why some folk get blogspot blogs and some blogger, I'd be obliged. :) Especially as I clicked on blogspot lol. Edited to include...Ok figured that one myself lol!
I used to think it was just us Scots who hated to see fellow Scots succeed and did their darnedest to see them brought down a few pegs. Seems it's spread to the whole of the UK in the wake of the Russell Brand/Jonathan Ross fiasco. I call it a fiasco not because I like these guys, I actually have difficulty, great difficulty, liking them. But, and it's a big but, what the heck is going on? Ok, I accept that what they did was extremely tasteless and they should def be disciplined....but (again) like Andrew Sachs didn't know it was crank call????? Come on and get real! Yet another UK Press witch hunt to endure and the blame culture in this country gathers yet more momentum like a runaway juggernaut mowing down all before it.
Oh, the above sounded like the UK hated Scots being famous, I meant it's really the Brits hate Brits being successful now ;)

Live Long And Prosper!

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