Saturday, 22 November 2008


So why, I hear you ask, call the blog Pedantology?
Well, I thought I made the word up myself but googled it earlier and it seems I'm not the first by a long chalk. No surprise there lol. It appears there is even a Church of Pedantology..go figure that one ;)
As I'm often overly argumentative about the finer details of "stuff" in general and overly critical of the actions of the "Establishment", I thought it would be a humourous play on words to represent the Psychology of a Pedant. Yeah go figure that one too :)

OK I'm off, waaay too much time on the pc today.

Be Well and Prosper,


1 comment:

June said...

Hehehe Brilliant name. I like it
Welcome to blogland, this could be very interesting and ... I can keep up to date with the footy :)
Hugs J x