Sunday, 23 November 2008

Pats go 7-4, Pre-Budget Report?

Cassel is really coming into form in the absence of Brady and tonight threw 415 yards for 4 TDs in the Patriots 48-28 win over Miami. Excellent display!
Nothing to do with the above......
The UK Pre-Budget Report is due tomorrow. Expected are a cut in VAT charges to 15% from 17.5% and an increase in upper band tax (over £150,000 pa) to 45%. Now, I can see how a VAT reduction would work to boost spending on consumables (it's only a temporary measure) but increasing the tax on top earners with the most disposable income puzzles me. Granted, it's from next year but I do feel a big HMMMMM.... coming on with that one. We'll see in the fullness of time...
The world's oldest polar bear, Debby, has died at the age of 42. Why do I mention that? The bear was "captured" as a cub and spent virtually the whole of it's 42 years in captivity. A human would need to commit multiple murders to get that sentence. Not exactly what I call a quality life for an animal that deserves to live in the environment it was born for, the wild. :(
I can feel this developing into an anti-zoo rant so I'll sign off and cool off. ;)

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