Monday, 24 November 2008

Speech to text.....

Astoundingly boring... not much else I can say about the pre-budget speech. Why do they call it a Pre-Budget Speech when changes are made to the budget? To me a Pre- anything is preparatory and not an action in itself. If the speech was made yesterday to prepare us for todays announcements then I could understand that?
Anyway, pretty nondescript as far as I'm concerned and really, life does kind of just go on as normal, skint! ;)
Wigan played badly but still managed to beat Everton 1-0 at home at the JJB. 3 points and out of the relegation zone, yaaay!
Been on the lookout for Speech to Text software for free and there is not a lot out there. I found out how to get it running in Word 2007 but it's not exactly mind-blowing, even after spending an hour "training" it by reading several texts out loud. If anyone knows of any that are any good, I'd be obliged if you could point me in the write direction ;)
Police in England and Wales are to be trained to us and carry Taser guns (they immobilise criminals using a brief 50,000 volt charge). Way to go guys, test em out before they're introduced in Scotland lol makes a change us not being used to test stuff like that. Although.....there are a couple of areas up here I can think of where the officers of the law would get a lot of practice? ;) ;)

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June said...

Hmmmm think i could think of a few folk i would like to practice using a tasar gun on ;) ladedadeda hehehe ... at least two hehehe