Monday, 13 July 2009

The Death Of Torchwood?

I have spent the weekend pondering the future (or not) of Torchwood on BBC.
The latest offering from Torchwood, Children of Earth, was dark, really dark, but I won't be revealing any key details just in case you haven't seen it yet ;)
This was five rip roaring episodes aired on consecutive nights and for Sci-Fi fans it was a veritable viewing feast. With more twists than Rapunzle's pony tail it never let up before finally hitting viewers with some cold hard facts about captain Jack. Amazing stuff!!
The question does arise though, have we seen the death of Torchwood?
Even before the series aired, actors like John Barrowman had been quoted as saying it was like a "kick in the teeth" to be promoted from BBC3 to BBC2 to BBC1 only to have the number of episodes reduced from the norm of 13 to just five.
I have to agree and there is certainly something afoot behind the scenes.
The moralities of the Torchwood team must surely now be questioned just as the future of the series must be also.
But, and it's a big BUT, the new latest series will have no doubt, spawned a great many new fans who may never actually get to see any further episodes?
Has the Beeb finally shot itself in the foot?
Will Torchwood return?
I do not know. What I do know is this, I hope it does return and I wait with much anticipation to see which direction the Torchwood team takes in the future!

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