Tuesday, 28 July 2009

DezinaWorld, new site and blog!!

OK....I know I have an input into this as it's me that's doing the main webpage at Dezinaworld but.........you doo need to believe me that June MacFarlane's work is superb and I am soo excited about getting it all tied up in the next few weeks!
I'll tell you what I'm taking about.

Dezinaworld is a brand new site that will offer digital backgrounds, collage singles and sets and some fantastic digi stamps all made by June MacFarlane herself!
June has decided to pre-empt me somewhat lol and has set a Dezinaworld blog to test the market as it were. Way to go June! Very impressed!!! :)
You can view Dezinaworld here.
You DO need to go take a look though! I've been around the net for a long long time and the digital crafting images she produces are top quality and the name June MacFarlane will not be far from everyone's lips in the very near future!!

Click Here Now To Visit Dezinaworld!!

Be Well and Prosper,

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